Saturday, August 30, 2008

Out and In

Since Kaia's arrival late Thursday night, we've been just relaxing and trying to navigate the holiday weekend as well as the heat infiltrating it. On top of some errands and grabbing food and other comestibles, we did some errands including getting her a new Canon digicam, as well as seeing some apartments on the Upper East Side.

Other'n that, we're just kicking back and enjoying the weekend, air conditioning and not having anything major on the agenda 'cept for more apartments, mebbe going to check out a kitten adoption event nearby and contemplating dinner.

Right now we're listening to the three-disc version of Billy Joel's The Stranger. It's called The Legacy Edition and in addition to the original album, it's got two live sets: the first from Carnegie Hall on 6/3/77 and the second from (I think) Nassau Coliseum from the same year. I'd dig out the materials that accompanied the discs but they were already ripped into iTunes and put away (and the paperwork that came with the bonus CD is wedged in there tighter than CENSORED BY EDITOR*). Needless to say, that's pretty damn tight ;-)

I'm sure we'll be in and out so check back as frequently as your holiday weekend schedule permits...


* Sometimes things are better imagined than envisioned.


LisaBinDaCity said...

Hope you and K are having a ball! By the by, a certain person's apt. bldg. has some brand new, freshly upgraded apts., (nifty new appliances, new floors etc..) check them out. ;-)

Boogie said...

We're having a great time and enjoying the fact that neither of us had much work to do for the past few days. As far as the apartment search, we will definitely check out a certain person's building and the freshly-renovated apartments therein :-)

Muchas gracias :-)