Friday, September 28, 2007

Speed, Futility and Frustration

Despite my lack of upkeep around here these days, that's not to say I am completely disgusted over the seeming evaporation of the wallpaper, formatting and overall panache I've worked to maintain 'round these parts over the past several years. We're in the process of either sprucing it up or relocating -- or both -- and as soon as I know, so will you.

In the meantime, with respect to the title of this missive, the frustration isn't simply relegated to the HoB's disappearing template. Rather, it refers to a confluence of work-related aggravation, personal aggravation and overall displeasure. First, the overall displeasure part is the fact that the temps have been clocking in in the high 70's up to the mid 80's in NYC over the past few weeks, despite the fact that we've all been waiting -- with bated breath, natch -- for Fall's arrival. So we had a few chilly days -- welcome, Fall -- during the Rosh Hashanah holiday. And then right back to square one with humidity, high temps and the cacophony of smells associated with petrified horse-apples, garbage and sweaty homeless people all rolled up into a nice, breathable package.


Personally, despite the fact that Kaia's great and we're speeding towards our three-year anniversary, we're both inundated with work, which, as per usual, makes things difficult. However, since she got a bad cold a few weeks ago and has been doing a lot more sleeping, I've missed being able to get her on the phone -- and keep her there -- for long stretches. Between that and the incredibly unrelenting temps, my apartment is a less-than-wondrous place to be after dark. The a/c is functional but overworked and it's hard to get a lasting sleep when, circa 2ish AM, the fuse blows and the apartment turns into a 79 degree oven. Joy.

Workwise, as I mentioned, we're both going all out. For my special dog-and-pony show, I've been running around in circles trying to wrap something up that should have been resolved a few years ago, and since it involves the immediate loss of about a half-million dollars in tax credit (and, in the long run, a total of about ten million dollars in credits) it's got to be resolved ASAFP. Moreover, since the people with whom I'm working have other things on their plates, I'm handling these spikes at 7AM through 9PM, on weekends, and essentially the situation is like a hopped-up speed freak occupying the left frontal lobe of my brain. We're doing a great job in handling everything that's coming at us -- in both efficient and timely manner -- but it gets, exhausting...always being "on."

Of course the good news, above and beyond Kaia and I -- is that the holidays passed without excitement (unless by excitement you mean everyone had a pleasant, enjoyable time) and that the fast-approaching party we've arranged for 10/20 is picking up steam as well. Things are, overall, great, but when you have the kind of month I've had, it's hard to appreciate even when you are forced to acknowledge, via the written word, that your girlfriend is awesome, you've got great friends and your family, thankgawd, is all happy and healthy.

Despite all that, I still reserve the right to bitch -- especially about the weather ;-)

In either case, I intend to be back here with far more regularity with which I have been visiting, so check back if you'd like.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The House of Boogie has been unoccupied for awhile, but that changes now.

It's unfortunate that it took marking a day like September 11th to remind me that this space is something I need to look after with regularity.

And I intend to continue doing so.