Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Beat Goes On

Living in an apartment has its ups and downs. The nice things are that you have access to Manhattan, what I consider to be one of -- if not the -- best cities in the world (San Francisco and London are on that very short list). And while living in a $20 million townhouse bests apartment living, it's not always an option for those of us without the means to achieve our just desserts ;-)

So...with an up comes a "down." That down, apparently, is some sort of mythic, mysterious water leak happening in my building. I was told a couple weeks ago that there was some sort of leak, but since I didn't see, hear or sniff anything remotely resembling water damage, all was fine...until Friday.

Apparently, the leak is happening somewhere in my line, so either it's coming from an apartment above mine or mine itself. And since nothing seems to be happening in mine, they're still not sure from where it's originating. However, that not withstanding, two plumber-dudes came by this AM. In preparation, I emptied my entire closet over the weekend, neatly (yeah, right) scattering hanging clothes all over the place, and cleaning out everything in the main closet area (not just the hanging stuff, but shoes, bags, boxes, etc.).

It was quite a pain in the ass, but alas, it was worthwhile as well.

So I'm stuck at home, doing some basic work online but nothing major as they started banging and breaking through the wall in the closet about an hour ago, and they pretty much haven't stopped since except for now, which is the first five minutes of quietude I've had this AM. It's not really loud -- not the kind of loud that drives people to jump from the rooftops of the city, anyway -- but it's BANG BANG bang BANG BANG regular and the rhythm is pretty much in tune with the headache I developed sometime over the weekend.


So it should be a rather interesting day of banging, knocking and survival.

Of course, the BANG BANG bang bang other interesting aspect is whether they'll be able to reassemble all the closet hardware (ie the wire/cable shelving, etc.) that was pre-built. You didn't think I just had a big pole, now didya? ;-)

So if the next update here bang bang bang seems a bit stuttery or out of bang bang bang BANG BANG sorts for me, my BANG BANG OH SHIT you dropped it apologies on behalf of Bill the Plumber, Leo his Assistant Plumber and the entire staff here at the BANG BANG BANG HoB.

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