Monday, May 18, 2009

One Step Closer to SNL's "All-Drug Olympics"

I don't remember who recommended this story to me for inclusion in these pages but I can't help but be appreciative. This is about as good as it gets.

A guy with glasses and a few testing vials cleared out a bodybuilding competition just by showing up. If these roid-heads were old school they would have grabbed the testing official's legs and played Wishbone.

I remember when Roid Rage was just yet another thing we came to accept from the Eastern Bloc countries and Barry Bonds (and my freshman year roommate). Now it's everywhere -- cycling, swimming, professional knitting...what a joke. I still maintain it would be more entertaining to view an entire All-Drug Olympics rather than this pansy-ass Hide and Go Seek Drug Use. If your arms are the size of fire extinguishers and your veins are nearly exploding beneath the surface of your skin, don't pretend it's just diligence and a lot of spinach that's making you look like Popeye. Let the world know you're more interested in flexing 38-inch biceps than having a fully-functioning penis or having balls larger than tic tacs. That Muscle Monthly cover posing with some bikini model is the Shiznit, idn't it?

On a side note, for anyone who watched pro wrestling -- specifically, the WWF -- and remembers Ivan Putsky, well, good for you ;-)

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