Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An Angel With a Broken Wing

I'm not sure if there is any significance to people who rarely remember their dreams, but I seem to be one of those people. I know I dream because every once in awhile I'll wake up and remember something from the overnight recharge session but rarely, if ever, do I actually come away with anything resembling cohesive thought or experience. That can be said, on occasion, of my waking hours too, so neither here nor there.

In either case, I had made some progress in the story on which I've been working, and several major plot points came together pretty well. Since I've been working on this same story now for a couple years, I was kind of pleased about that -- and using the term "kind of pleased" is a big, big understatement.

In either case, in the dream I remember the woman who played the wife from "The Frighteners," a Michael J. Fox comedy about ghosts and the supernatural. Essentially, from what I remember, she was in the dream and was the female character from my novel, only she winds up getting killed -- which is odd, because originally, in my novel, the female character doesn't die.

After ruminating on this a bit I decided to tinker further and I actually made even more progress.

I'm not sure hat the final draft will resemble, but I'm getting there. And I'm not sure if dreaming about the story means it's running loose around the hallways of my mind -- or how much room there actually is up there around which to run loose -- but I was pretty jazzed about the fact that it's on my mind even when I'm sleeping.

Either way, I remember -- in the dream -- her with the sub-head of "Angel With a Broken Wing" and somehow, Shakespeare (Hamlet, actually) got into the mix with ""To sleep, perchance to dream -- ay, there's the rub."

I guess it could be worse -- I could be dreaming about flatulent puppies or a rabid client that never leaves my office.

Although it's quite possible either or both of those might be more interesting than the eventual product of my latest (recalled) dream.

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