Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hot Go

This is a complete non-sequitir and has no intrinsic value whatsoever (which pretty much describes everything that gets approved for publishing here at the HoB), but I was recently delving through a pile of 80's tracks for a friend and came across the Tone-Loc track "Funky Cold Medina." Then, this morning, I came across this story, and while I'm rarely one to focus on (at best) B-list news, I figured it was too much of a coincidence to pass up.

Not sure what else to say, except, to Mr. Smith, lay off the Funky Cold Medina and avoid doing the Wild Thing until your doctor(s) advise you it's safe to do otherwise.

And no more visits to the Capt'n Fun Beach Club. And that goes double for Snoop-Dogg and any other self-respecting performer (strippers and aging pornstars excluded).

Now back to your regularly-scheduled programming.

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