Monday, April 20, 2009

Time In, Time Out

I'm not sure where to start, other than to note that I'm buried with work since this past Thursday. It was a great weekend -- weatherwise, anyway -- but I spent most of it working. I had a pretty significant meeting this AM downtown and I got everything done I wanted to but the big wheel keeps on turning, as they say. More stuff, more details, more paper, more work.

A perfect example is tonight's agenda. I had originally planned on kicking back after today's busy one-place-to-another routine, and with the Yankees and the Rangers both hosting visitors, I was pretty certain I'd be able to keep my mind relatively occupied (it takes very little to keep me occupied). But no. First, since the rain is pounding the East Side with a controlled and relentless vengeance, the Yankees aren't playing in their new park (even if it were beautiful weather, the argument could be made they aren't playing anyway. More on that later). So the Rangers are my only hope for real entertainment. Sure, there's the plethora of Chuck Lorre stuff on CBS (Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, etc.) but I need some visceral thrill, and watching the Rangers and the Capitals -- and hopefully some malice-formed bloodspill -- might solve the problem.

But no.

I've got two women in my building who need me to do some work for them tonight. One's a pain in the ass of the ultra magnitude, asking ten-minute-long questions that should take about ten seconds, and keeping me going in circles and making my head spin. And not in a good, wow, that's Pam Anderson sunbathing topless sort of way.

The other woman is a nice, down-to-earth lady who is easy-going and the complete opposite of the other client, ie high-strung and too busy talking to listen. Sooooo...I've got two different clients and, most likely, one long night. Plus, after that's over, I've got to review a 25-page bankruptcy agreement prior to sending out a biggie proposal tomorrow AM, get retained and then sign off on the agreement and move forward to preparing some paperwork that should have gone out last Tuesday but, thanks to Passover and Easter, everything got pushed back a week, including my retainer check.

But I digress.

And did I mention the Yankees have been worse this year -- in their new coliseum of baseball and money -- than they were -- ever? The other day they surrendered 22 runs in a game and allowed 14 in the second inning, which represents the largest number of runs they've ever surrendered in a game. I'm beginning to wonder if a) there is indeed a reversed curse, and b) if not, why the fuck they have pitchers who should be slinging Slurpees at 7-11, not fastballs at Yankee Stadium.

I'd love to know the answers to these and other questions, like whether it's ever going to stop raining tonight or whether I'll be able to use the new probe thermometer I bought at Amazon can handle cooking temps above 400 degrees. I 'spose answers to both of those questions -- and many others -- will be apparent sometime. In the meantime, however, I'll remain puzzled and await the start of the Ranger game -- and get back to work.

By the way, I do have another conclusion with respect to the Rangers-Capitals series that I didn't reach until watching these last several games: Alex Ovechkin is a talented hockey player who is also a big-time piece of shit.

Sorry for the downturn, it simply had to be said on the official record.

Party on, Garth.

Back later.

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