Monday, April 13, 2009

The News Is In

Robyn Gibson, wife of notable anti-semite Mel Gibson, filed for divorce today, citing irreconcilable differences.

In her filing, she failed to blame the Jews for destroying her marriage, starting the world's many wars, or being in control of the majority of the world's wealth, which caused even more consternation on Mel's part. But, hopefully, someone will send Mel a cheap bottle of wine -- or even some really good moonshine -- and he'll have another DUI and do an on-camera backseat soliloquy regarding his failed marriage and how the Jewish people were responsible for his marriage's failure.

And then he'll call the (female) arresting officer Sugar Tits -- or Street Meat -- and we can, hopefully, say goodbye to Mr. Gibson's career -- and him, as well -- once and for all.

That is, unless some asswipe studio head decides to green-light his newest pet project, The Passion of The Christ 2: Easter Bloody Easter, a Rambo-esque journey in which JC, his post-resurrection moniker, goes on a vengeful murder-spree, killing all Jews he can find before the Romans try killing him yet again.

Yep, that should be appearing in theaters sometime soon.

Good luck,'re really a swell guy whose genius was never appreciated. None of us really think you're a drunk, spineless piece-of-shit anti-semite.

Well, almost none of us.

And just in case, keep that Honorary Member of the Klu Klux Klan membership uniform hidden when the deputies come to the house to assist your soon-to-be ex in getting her belongings.

Just a suggestion.

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