Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Dead Pool Revisited

If you had any of Marilyn Chambers, Harry Kalas or Mark Fidrych, you're in good shape. If you had all three, than your omniscience is to be respected and feared, especially because each of these three deaths were far from expected.

The first on the list, Marilyn Chambers, went from being an Ivory Snow model to one of the country's first mega-pornstars. If you have Cinemax, than her name should familiar to you. While Robin Byrd is the queen of late-night softcore porn (at least in NYC), Marilyn Chambers pretty much is and will always be the de facto second.

Harry Kalas, the broadcaster for the Philadelphia Phillies (as well as doing the narration for NFL Films), collapsed before last night's game against the Washington Nationals. He was 73, so it's not a complete shock, but still...

Finally, Mark Fidrych, the former Tigers pitching great, had an accident with a truck on his farm. I'm not sure what exactly happened, and neither are police, but since he was in the middle of nowhere, they're assuming it wasn't anything other than a bad accident.

Celebrities die in threes, or so goes the saying. In this case, these three people died within hours of one another, and yet, the grouping of these three people was a tad odd.

In either case, let's hope this is the last of these stories we read for awhile.

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