Friday, February 27, 2009


Forget the Daily Bentley. This thing is super-hawt.

Granted, it's not purely its own -- it's got the heart of a 'Vette (a Corvette, not a Che-vette). Meaning it goes really, really fast and it looks really, really good.

Only problem is I don't want to have to drive it home from Johannesburg. Oh well, guess I'll just settle for this instead.


Kaia said...

That 'thing' was heinous - the Audi on the other was sex personified. Meow.

Boogie said...

Welp, all things considered, the body's the bastard child of a 70's era Vette and a DeLorean, which isn't bad, and the soul of a Vette under the hood.

The R8, of course, would be my choice as well, for the same reason as yours, although the ability to swath through traffic at 180 and Quattro underfoot is also pretty compelling ;-)