Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'd Gladly Pay You Tuesday for A Bicycle Today

I'm not sure why it made me laugh, but this story still has me smiling even after I originally saw it on an elevator "Captivate" screen yesterday afternoon.

So ironic, and, simultaneously, so damned appropriate. And so absolutely deserved.

Incidentally, as an update, police have uncovered evidence suggesting the culprit is one Hamburglar, the masked hoodlum who has terrified McDonaldland (and Grimace, it's largest -- and most purple -- resident) for years. Earlier in the day, Hamburglar was seen stealing Mario Andretti's beloved Ferrari Maranello and several hours later was seen sneaking off with some of Bob Vila's prized "It's Hammer-Time" hammer collection.

It is further believed that Hamburglar's escape(s) were aided by Procrastination Jim, who is better known by his street nickname, Wimpy.

If you see either of these individuals, do not try to apprehend them as they are merely fictional characters and doing so might suggest you're on too much medication.

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