Monday, January 05, 2009

Straight Outta Gaza

Another day, another dose of bullshit.

I especially like this particular quote attributed to Hamas co-founder Mahmoud al-Zahar: "They [Israeli forces] shelled everyone in Gaza. ... They shelled children and hospitals and mosques," he said. "And in doing so, they gave us legitimacy to strike them in the same way."

Perhaps someone should have told Mr. al-Zahar that the reason why Israeli forces shelled everyone in Gaza was a) because his militants hide among civilians so that it will be harder for Israel to attack them; and b) his militants use children and hospitals and mosques as shields so when Israel does attack them they can use these types of attacks as PR; and c) if he was so concerned about Israel attacking children, hospitals and mosques, wouldn't that suggest that the rocket attacks into Israel that created this situation in the first place be curtailed?

I don't think he's stupid, as many people do. I think, mostly, he's stubborn.

And I'm glad that the Israelis have plenty of firepower and are willing to let it loose in order to outlast the stubbornness of this shitbird and those that think like him.

Put another way, I am hoping that, sooner or later, Israel lets Hamas worry about the PR so she can continue fighting with artillery and weaponry rather than words and images. The UN -- whether it's Syria, Jordan, Nicaragua or Venezuela -- will continue to blame Israel for the aggression and the violence. They'll ignore the fact that any nation has the right to defend itself from aggression, and they'll assume Israel's refusal to stop the attacks several days ago was a sign that they want violence, despite the fact that it was -- as per usual -- Hamas that allows these rocket attacks to break the peace deal du-jour.

Like many Israelis and people around the world, it's just more talk and bullshit from another lying Hamas mouthpiece. I hope Israel finishes the job, moves forward and deletes the reworked borders.

Enough is enough.

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