Monday, January 12, 2009

Delayed Without Delay

Almost every weekend comes with the promise of boundless time, relaxation and ease, and yet things rarely, if ever, work out that way.

My latest foray in keeping my weekend hours full came courtesy of some sort of trojan virus that was embedded in a downloaded DVD-Rom driver. As is typical, every time I endeavor to make changes to my rig -- a new drive, more memory, an additional scratch/data hard drive, etc. -- I wind up wishing I hadn't. I had to do an upgrade of my TV and wound up with a Samsung 1080p that continues to blow me away. Watching football, movies -- anything, really -- was even more impressive than it was with the Aquos. I'd go into detail about the Giants losing to the Eagles, but the fact is I'll be in mourning for at least the next few days and can't really address it properly at this particular moment (and I'm only half-kidding). Kaia consoled me to the best of her ability -- and her abilities are pretty damn good -- but unless she can wind back the hands of time and encourage Eli Manning to have a good game, it's all for naught, as was the 2008 season. On a side note, take care, Plaxico -- next time use a Kevlar holster.

Back to it.

So rather than spending this cold, snowy weekend in bed with my significant other (or perusing exhibits at a museum, in a movie theater or even prancing around Soho), I wound up reinstalling and re-gearing my setup. It's gotten to the point where I've got enough bulletproof software that I should be able to do everything necessary to a) prevent virii; b) track what they're doing, when applicable; and c) surgically remove them from my system as if I were lancing a boil. Of course, as Styx once observed, nothing indeed ever goes as planned.

So, in essence, everything is -- pretty much -- back to normal. I got the system back to (and even better than) where it was before, the PC is humming along -- quietly -- and quickly, and I even managed to set up the USB turntable to convert my Dad's LP's to CD's. Once I have the final piece of the puzzle ready on my system -- installing Lightscribe software which "burns" an image onto the label side of the CD/DVD in question -- I'm all good.

Meanwhile, I did take some time off of PC restoration duty to hang with Kaia -- we saw (and really loved) Pineapple Express and House Bunny. The former was way, way out there but great, and the latter was a solid film. Neither are going to win any awards (Schindler's List, they aren't) but they were both entertaining and mindless enough that I was smiling rather than fuming over the PC's status at that time.

We also headed out with friends and had a nice, mellow dinner Saturday night and again Sunday night (despite the Giants debacle). So I managed to get plenty done personally and Kaia and I were able to spend plenty of time with friends. So in retrospect, I re-did the entire PC setup, watched some (awful, irritating) football, replaced the TV, and generally had a great weekend with my other half.

So I can't complain, and I shouldn't complain, and I won't complain.

Hence why I won't address the Giants herein at this particular time.

Because I wouldn't want anyone to suspect I was ungrateful for the good things, of which I have plenty. But holy shit, when and if I get back to being my usual, griping, unsatisfied self, I know which topic will head that list.

Incidentally, I've held off addressing the situation in Gaza. There's lots happening and plenty to discuss -- the UN and the Red Cross claiming Israel's attacked their people/convoys, the attempt by Egypt and France to broker some sort of lasting cease-fire, and the violence that recently erupted at a "pro-peace" pro-Palestinian rally over the weekend.

A friend of mine mentioned the rally and its ironic outcome last night. He asked me, point-blank, "How can people who don't want peace among themselves even be taken seriously when they claim to want peace with Israel, or anyone else?"

Abso-positively-goddamn right.

More -- much more -- later.

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