Sunday, June 11, 2006

MIA At Earl's, NYC (Nothing Ever Goes As Planned)

MIA At Earl's, NYC (Nothing Ever Goes As Planned)

...It's a hell of a notion...

To everyone who 'spected me to swing by last night, I apologize...

A situation -- an emergency -- kept me from partying with friends near and far, and as I am sitting here trying to put together some words to explain, there's really nothing beyond regret, disappointment and my utmost apologies. So all I can say is I apologize and promise there will be no third strike; the next one will be a two-bagger into left, although I will definitely be looking to swing away and land one in the bleachers...


PS The Styx lyrics (ie my use thereof) is for Morph and Peaches, and anyone else who wore out a copy of Paradise Theater by Styx...period.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you didnt make the party but Pizza on Monday was great. I had a terrific time.


PS I think it may be your turn to come to Cali. Would be great to see you and Kai here in So Cal