Monday, June 12, 2006

A Matter of Timing

Another Monday, in the books...I spent the day all over the place, starting downtown with a somewhat crucial meeting with a higher-up from a notable city agency, then worked my way uptown, slowly, to a) check out an apartment -- terraced one-bedroom in Murray Hill -- and then b) onto a meeting with a client about a shitload more buildings, one of which might house my AOTF -- apartment of the future. As I've indicated herein before, I don't have an end-of-lease date by which I need to be packed and out, but now that I'm on the clock vis-a-vis considering a move, I'm looking far and wide.

There's lots of options, but I'm reminded how viscerally unpleasant moving and the NYC rental market are, simultaneously. I'm also reminded that doing a walk-up apartment isn't necessarily ideal, but not a big deal either.

In the meantime, I'm about to dive into some of the work I didn't get done this afternoon, so that's where I'll be in the meantime. I actually got a chance to hang out with some friends from Cali that were in for the fiesta I missed this weekend, so I can't complain -- 'twas good seeing people I rarely get the chance to see -- so all in all, everything's groovy and it was good to see three from the left coast. There're more stragglers who are staying in town, so I'm happy to say I'll be seeing them through the week; but it still would have been nice to have partied with 'em without other weekly duties -- like work -- getting in the way.

Ah well...

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