Friday, June 09, 2006

Fire On High: The Third of A Three-Part Series on The One-Way Ticket To Hell

On May 26th, unbeknownst to me, I posted the first of three installments in my "One-Way Ticket To Hell" Trilogy; this first entry focused on a Nebraska man who was convicted of child molestation but avoided prison because the judge in the case decided prison would be too harsh an experience for the height-challenged convict. Yesterday, I addressed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's death in Iraq after the US Military dropped a pair of 500-pound bombs on his safehouse. Today's spotlight shines on Jerry Buck Inman, the 35-year-old registered sex offender who, since May 23, has committed several rapes, a burglary or two, and murdered one of his sexual assault victims by strangling with her bikini top.

Detailed in a recently-posted article, Mr. Inman's resume, both short- and long-term, is impressive if you are impressed by stupid, mindless, repulsive, hateful, inhuman crimes against single, innocent women. Essentially, he has spent the past two or so weeks following women "he found attractive" around in his vehicle, waiting until he suspected they went to sleep, and then broke into their apartments and then raped and murdered them. In some cases, he simply raped them; in others, he raped and murdered them (and not necessarily in that order).
"I know he is overwhelmed by the attention this case has received so far," said Inman's attorney, Symmes Culbertson. "I think he's a little shell-shocked by everything that has gone on so far."
Newsflash, Symmes (Sidebar: what kind of name is Symmes?)...your client isn't a little shell-shocked; he's a spawn of Satan who drives around looking for women to rape and murder.

We've all come across, at one point or another, an individual or individuals who practice better living through chemistry, and I'm not referring to BASF "not making things we buy, but making the things we buy better." I'm referring to drugs, when teamed with therapy, that serve to control and/or inhibit types of anti-social behavior like sexually abusing children and/or women; unprovoked physical and/or verbal outbursts; and random, miscellaneous crimes that have no meaning except to the mentally-ill, unmedicated perpetrator.

Problem is, none of it works. The only thing that seemingly does work to cure these people of their mental illness is to send them to the next world.

While I don't hold all the answers here, I think there are increasingly two types of criminals, in general, that are establishing themselves among our ranks. The first is the criminal, through laziness and/or a lack of education or a combination thereof, steals money or property because he needs to a) subsist and cannot find/keep a job; b) support a drug habit; or c) earn a living doing something that doesn't require much in the way of intelligence or skill beyond breaking a window, grabbing a stereo and/or a TV, and running like the wind. This type of criminal, more often than not, winds up in jails and/or prisons and, upon his/her release, usually returns to his/her prior life of crime -- people need to do what makes them happy in life in order to succeed, after all -- so these are generally what I'd refer to as career criminals, for better or worse.

However, when we're talking about people who follow women around in cars -- and in doing so lose track of where they are geographically -- that defines an entirely different method of categorization. Mr. Inman, as an example, isn't so much as a career criminal -- he's a life criminal. This is a fellow who has no hope of being "cured" -- any guy who spends time in a vehicle with the intent of sexually assaulting a woman in her own home and then uses said woman's bikini top to strangle her -- well, sorry to say, there's no going back. Mr. Inman doesn't need therapy, he doesn't need medication, he doesn't need a court-appointed attorney; he needs a 100-pound sledge-hammer to the head -- his head. Personally, however, I understand the "sledge-hammer" clause of Boogie's Law, Part 104, Sub-Section 12, is a bit drastic. So to start, I think Mr. Inman requires, at least first, the treatment as set forth in Boogie's Law, Part 67, Sub-Section 2: castration by rotweiller (beef gravy by Heinz). Thank you to Dennis Miller for his inspiration for this particular law.

People like these, whether they are perverted sexual predators who have no resemblance to "normal" human beings, or simply abhorrent, repulsive "soldiers" carrying out their agendas of beheading and other forms of disgusting, heartless desecration of their fellow man, or merely people without the ability to function or exist in society as we know it, don't belong in prison -- they belong in caskets or in urns. Would there be anything we could learn from the Nebraska height-challenged child-molester? Or from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi? Or from a man whose sole mission on this Earth, apparently, is to defile and murder women? Perhaps.

Is there anything they can learn from us? Probably not.

Don't bother with medication, therapy and rehabilitation -- they won't work. If, as a society, we really want to show mercy and compassion for our fellow man, then put these tortured, disturbed souls out of their misery and let them go where they belong, period. Either that, or expect more news about how convicted sex offenders go free, go on rampages when the pharmacy forgets to refill their prescriptions, and expect, with every sex offender on the loose, to open another women's rape crisis center in every little town between here and Flying Turd, Wyoming.


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Kaia said...

He should be castrated and put in solitary. Of put to death. You're right - rehab - medical or otherwise will do nothing for for him.

Good riddance.