Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Holy Guacamole II: Electric Boogaloo

If at first you do succeed, try, try again until you screw it up.


So try again I did; I went back into the guacamole pool, repeated the same couple steps, and everything turned out well. 'Twasn't quite as good as the original batch, but I didn't get any complaints when I brought it to the office, and the avocadoes were ripe, so I didn't have much of a choice. So now I'm two-for-two on guacamole.

Other news is that my work world keeps turning and running me through my paces like a hamster on a never-ending wheel. Certainly it's a good thing that we have a never-ending supply of work that needs to be addressed -- if there's no work to be done, there's no need for me to show up or get paid -- but sometimes it would be nice to finish a major project, deadline or effort and -- instead of getting shit or aggravation as to why other things have languished in the process -- get some praise and a few quiet days to catch up with the world. I 'spose that's not in the cards, though, as every time I seem to wrap up something that seemingly takes days to get wrapped, I find my way through and reach the finish line, only to discover there's a lot more that needs to be addressed since I've focused my energies on the one recently-completed project.

Needless to say, today was that day.

In either case, the Yankees are winning, my other half is in town in less than ten days, and all is right with the world. That, and Memorial Day weekend beckons, which will guarantee at least 24 hours of semi-lucid peace and tranquility before the whole process starts itself up again.

In the mean time, I received an invite from a friend to a mongo, out-of-control party held this past weekend less than 20 blocks from my apartment, but in passing on the invite, I realized I've pretty much outgrown that life. The last time I hit one of the blow-outs, aside from those I've thrown, was when my other half and I wound up at Hi-Life in NYC around midnight, just relaxing, having a drink or two, and mingling back in mid-November for her first NYC visit. However, since then -- which seems like it was years ago -- there have been a couple more, including the one held this past weekend. And from what I've heard and seen (pictures are posted somewhere online), there was much debauchery, disturbing behavior, lewd conduct and copious amounts of alcohol-induced hook-uppage. Sounds (sic) like me, I know...I've taken a pass on all that for the time being. When my other half and I hit a party, we don't stay out 'til dawn, but we do wind up having fun and leaving with the late crowd...and as much as balls-to-the-wall partying is something which I once included on my personal resume, I actually prefer, these days, staying in or swinging by a restaurant, to getting blitzed beyond all recognition. So I'm sort of pleased, on some level, I didn't go. Plus, from all the whisperings and random observations I heard from friends and friends-in-law, most of this party was spent going over the current comings-and-goings of people I've long since forgotten about.

Aside from work, work and more work, I've been going through my apartment trying to purge about 10% of the collected chazerai I've accumulated over the past few years. So I got one of the maintenance guys in my building to hook me up with a bunch of industrial strength garbage bags (in exchange for some guacamole -- I shit you not) and I've been tossing stuff out left and right. For the most part, there's a collection of crap that I've been saving for a rainy day, and despite the fact it's sunny and 70 here, this weekend, I have a feeling, will be that rainy day.

On top of that, there's not too much else going on, other than me laying low and prepping for a week with my other half. We've been planning and ruminating on what we need to do while she's here, and while we keep on bringing up the subject, aside from a few apartment visits, we've really not gotten very far. I think it's because we both have accepted that there's nothing we really need to do beyond spend time with each other. We have plans to hit the New York Philharmonic, and we'll do dinner somewhere close by, and we have a BBQ plan and the aforementioned apartments...but otherwise, I've pretty much accepted that I don't care what we do or where we are; as long as we're together we'll have a good time.

Tomorrow is my grandmother's 85th birthday, and had Pope John Paul lived, it would have been his 85th birthday as well. We sent her a multi-color bouquet of roses in a glass vase, so hopefully it will make her smile and let her know she's in our thoughts daily. She's having a procedure over Memorial Day weekend, and I'm sure she'll be fine, but I feel badly that she still hasn't met my other half. While I generally don't worry what my family and friends think of my other half, when all of them are unanimously opposed or in favor of my girlfriend, I tend to -- eventually, at least -- pay attention. Their input doesn't have much meaning either way -- I know if I'm miserable or happy, although acting on it is another story entirely. But thus far, knowing all of the clan is completely on board vis-a-vis my other half, I want my grandmother to meet her to make it unanimous. I guess on some level it's nice when all the planets are aligned and everything works and everyone's happy; but I've been at the other end of that spectrum, and it ain't pretty -- in fact, it can be downright ugly -- at best. So between enjoying the harmony and the comfort level between she and I, and knowing that extends to my family and friends, and being excited to meet her parents -- I guess I'm just happy to be where I am, with whom, and when. And knowing that my dad is doing well, returning to his old form, and in better spirits (for the most part) each day, makes me happier than I can articulate. More importantly, I'm actually excited for him to meet Kaia's father: they both seem like the same type of person. Mellow, funny, huge Yankee fans and menschy. So I don't want to seem dissatisfied with the harmony thus far; it's just that this has so much potential and is such a good thing -- on so many levels -- I just find I can't wait for what's next on our agenda.

I guess the next thing is to make sure she likes my guacamole ;-)

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