Friday, September 11, 2009

The Significance Of The Past Tense

Every so often we hit a speed bump in our daily lives that shakes us out of our collective busy-ness. Sometimes those speed bumps are obstacles and present us with situations that require solutions. At other times, these are things which jolt us and remind us that we're only here for a limited time.

Today being 9/11, I can't help but notice the somber awareness we as a country feel. Some of us, I'm sure, dismiss 9/11, but for the majority of Americans, I believe the acknowledgment of what today means is daunting and significant, not only in terms of politics and our existence as Americans -- no matter what city, state or even country we call home -- but as human beings.

The fact that it's raining and gloomy aside, today always seems to be a day of reflection and recollection and acknowledgment, and though I invariably find myself taken back to that morning eight years ago -- smoke pouring skyward down 3rd Avenue, watching the second tower fall on live TV among 30 or so other horrified, angry people in a doctor's waiting room -- I continue to come back to the sadness most of us feel and the empty, quiet reflection we've endured since that day.

I don't wonder when there will be peace in this world, and -- frankly -- I scoff at the notion when people suggest it's possible. But on this day, among several others, I at least acknowledge that there are times for reflection, discussion and meditation, and there are times for action, response and perseverance.

Put another way, hindsight is only 20/20 if you have the balls and the focus and the direction in which to act.


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