Thursday, September 11, 2008

Patriot's Day

Typically, this date in American history -- especially during election years -- reminds us what transpired on this day in 2001. However, inasmuch as I acknowledge this day is a sad, somber one, I'm no more inclined to don an American flag on a cap, jacket, shirt or lapel than I would on July 4th or any other day.

It's true that many innocent people died on this day in 2001, and that same day we witnessed a despicable act against America. But I, at least today, believe the true measure of patriotism is what we do and say and how we carry ourselves on the days not specifically demarcated as measures of our independence, our freedom or our way of life.

I think this day should be an annual reminder of people we lost and things we witnessed in 2001, but it should not be an outpouring of patriotic love for America or what it means to be American. Those expressions, I believe, should be expressed each day, not simply two or three days highlighted on our calendars.

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