Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back To Now

Well, despite the fact it's been awhile since I last stopped in to say howdy, it's been a non-stop party-boat to Crazy Central. Come to think of it, that's pretty much an accurate description of my daily ride to "today," regardless of whether I'm reporting on life's absurdities, calamities, happiness and good times. But I digress...

Earlier this month -- ten days ago, to be precise -- the party came together. And holy shit on a shingle, did it come together... We had a big -- not huge -- crowd that kept it going 'til well after 3AM, and despite the location being a new venue and me unsure as to how everything would go down, everything did go down, for the most part, as we expected. Not only did everyone seem to have fun, despite a minor bump here or there -- everyone went home happy, tired, exhausted and with smiles on their faces. And that, more than anything else, is the reason why I bother with these mongo soirees in the first place.

On top of that, Kaia had come in for the party but also for the dual purposes of us celebrating my birthday, St. Patrick's Day, and to look for an apartment. It's one thing to do telephone and internet searches -- she's been dealing with brokers and real estate people for several months now -- but doing so in New York is the only real way to pull the trigger, so to speak. She's seen a few -- and I've accompanied her on about half of her jaunts -- and there are some decent places. The real question isn't so much where, ie what neighborhood, she wants; it's more of an issue of the apartment itself. So having, ostensibly, an entire city in which to poke around and look is a bit daunting, if not doable, task. So we'll continue. I 'spose the bottom line is that as of sometime this summer she'll be officially changing zip codes, and inasmuch as we both love San Fran, knowing we'll be able to spend time with one another is the main thing.

Speaking of San Fran, we're heading West -- together -- late Friday to spend Passover on the other coast with her family. I'll probably be heading back East late Monday or early Tuesday and be jet-lagged a bit next week, but it'll be worth it. We won't have much play-time but I love that city ("Put Your Hands Up For Detroit" -- either you dig or you don't) and it will be nice. The only hard part is the travel, but I don't mind it much, and more importantly, work-wise I'll only be out for a couple days and I'll keep up online. Between that and the fact the Blackberry -- both voice- and e-mail wise -- keeps me in touch with 95% of my clients, I should be relatively sane come next Wednesday.

Other than that, we've both been working hard and despite our best intentions, we've basically found ourselves in to have dinner and spend our time together rather than running around the City. We managed a visit to Mercer Kitchen over the weekend -- one of our usual haunts -- and actually saw Zach Braff (a regular Mercer guest, from what I hear) floating around outside. Despite Kaia's assertions to the contrary, I kept telling her that I was under the impression ZB was dating Anne Hathaway, so she decided to bet me dinner at our current favorite NYC restaurant. Sure enough, right after we agreed to the bet, I did a bit of peeking on my Blackberry to confirm the news, as I remembered seeing a picture of Anne Hathaway with her boyfriend, aka Zach, at some fashion show or benefit (perhaps a combo thereof). Sure enough, I came across a blog post proclaiming "Anne Hathaway's douchebag, check-bouncing boyfriend LOOKS A LOT LIKE Zach Braff."


After I realized I was wrong, I quietly lamented -- while Kaia loudly and proudly gloated over -- the fact that information isn't anything if it isn't timely... ;-)

Then again, I realized it wasn't that big a deal -- I get to take my other half to dinner at our favorite place. Wow, that's a kick in the ass ;-)

In other news, there's very little else to report...lots of work, lots of hang-time, lots of computer issues at the office with which I've had to contend, and lots of smiles. Like Billy Joel once observed, "I'm warm from the memories of days to come."

Tomorrow is another day. But not until today's finished.


Kaia said...

First off - YOU bet me - second off - you were WRONG! HA! It was like taking candy from a baby - don't mess with my sad, pathetic yet comprehensive and used numerous times against you to win a bet you so surely thought you were right about celebrity knowledge. Double HA!

I won - i won - i won - i won - i won - i won ( you can't see me but i'm doing my i won dance ).

MMMM dinnner will taste Deee-lish!


Boogie said...

Now I know why tigers eat their young... ;-)

Yeah, I'm smiling so hard it hurts...but gawd dayem...! ;-)

LisaBinDaCity said...

Great party - tons o'fun! Lovely to see you and K as well.

Have an AWESOME time in SF, sounds like it will be wonderful :-)

Boogie said...

Definitely was a good party...we're glad you made it and we got a chance to hang witchoo :-)

As for the trip West, it's only a few days but it should be fun...SF is almost as great a city as NYC...almost ;-)