Monday, March 17, 2008

Saint Patrick's Day

I don't know why they call today St. Patrick's Day -- it's my birthday, so it should be known as Boogie's Day. To a select few, it is -- so the hell with St. Patrick and his legions of beer-puking nimrods.

Happy Boogie's Day.

In the meantime, I tore open a box of goodies Kaia sent me, which included a couple great shirts and a couple of other niceties which I won't mention. As always, as good as the goodies are, the cards are even better. Until I get my real gift -- ie Kaia being here -- I'll more than happily count the days until she is.

Meanwhile, to be honest, as much as I'd love to focus on my birthday and celebrating the day, I've got so much work ahead of me (not to mention what I accomplished work-wise over the weekend) that I'll be glad if I survive the day without losing my mind completely. Today is the extension of a March 15th deadline, and as is always the case, it follows another office-wide deadline which invariably sees my father head out for a week of vacation while I am faced with last-minute pressure, much of which results from the fact that we as an office have completely focused on the prior deadline. This is how it's been for awhile and I'm sure it will be this way until the filing quarters are changed; of course, the filing quarter deadlines will never change, so this is it. Overall, it could be worse; since Kaia's not in town, my birthday's mostly just another day on the calendar. When she and I are together, that's when we celebrate; so next year, when she and I have the same zip code, me having to work the weekend prior to my birthday and kill myself the day of -- presuming the deadline yet again falls on my actual birthday -- will probably bother me a lot more than this year's schedule does. Suffice to say that I'm more disappointed she's not here than I am knowing today is going to be a difficult one.

As Leo Durocher once said, better luck next year.

Happy Boogie's Day!


Heidi said...

happy birthday/boogie day!! you know we luvs ya!

Linny said...

Happy Boogie Day!


Roberta said...

Happy Boogie Birthday!

Berta :)

Kaia said...

Happy Boogthday!! Or Boogie's B-day - or St. Boogie's Day - or St. Boogrick's Day - or just all of the above!

We'll celebrate properly when I'm there! Can't wait to see you!!

Happy Birthday love - xx me

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Boogs, hope you're having a good one...we're coming in at some point in June from Miami and we'll party then, but meanwhile have a Pim's and a smile (yeah, you're not 22 anymore, but still) :-) And no more hockey!


(PS, Ron sends his regards from the land of the rising sun)

LisaBinDaCity said...

Happy Boogie-St.Paddy's-Green Beer Day! Wow, what a mouthful!

Hope it's a great day!!!

Boogie said...

Hey all:

Thanks to everyone for the Boog-Day wishes...'twas a busy, fun-filled birthday. Thanks to you guys, 'twas filled with smiles as well.

Tis much appreciated, and I thank you yet again...