Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Hoover Dam

The title of this post refers not to the intestinal yoga which has entertained me for the past week but instead the pressure that has exponentially ramped up since the intestinal yoga first appeared.

Without going into detail, we had a filing deadline about ten or so days ago that we survived (actually we were very successful in handling it); however, on top of that, another looming deadline is fast approaching, and to complicate matters, we had another ongoing matter reached fever pitch. That too was a home run, but with all our focus trained on the ongoing matter, that delayed our addressing the deadline. And, if that all wasn't enough, we have several other issues which are also fairly significant and which need to be handled. So all in all, there are about ten different things which need to be handled yesterday, and tomorrow looms large.

Considering the severe degree and nature of all this "excitement," I began wondering if my stomach issues were a result of all this pressure. I generally handle pressure very well; I don't explode, I don't break down and I don't make a living hell out of the lives of the people close to me. Back in my serious hockey days, I never threw up or had severe nerves prior to a game and I never folded under pressure. We'd lost big games as a team but we did so as a team. I've had bad games, but never so much so that our loss was directly attributable to me folding under the strain of the moment. Generally, I'm someone to whom my friends refer as having ice in my veins. However, given the past week, I'm not concerned so much with what's in my veins but instead with what's in my intestines (insert weak, semi-serious chuckle).

In any case, the stomach issues have been subsiding so my short-lived, self-questioning concerns are, I believe, nothing for concern. If my stomach issues were a response to the pressure, they'd be getting worse -- much worse -- so I guess this last week was merely a taste of what some funky bacteria can do to an otherwise normal male (or, in its place, me).

In other news...we finally addressed and sent out evites for our next party. It's set for the first weekend of April and we've gotten a huge, positive response, although we intended (and have been chided for failing to) sending the evites out earlier. No matter...we've found a new place so it should be a great shindig, and for better or worse, we're counting down the days.

But for now, with work deadlines aplenty, I'll continue counting down the hours and go from there.

I'm just glad I can indicate "I'm going" and not be referring to the bathroom.


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