Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Punch-Drunk Hangover

Now that the parade is complete and the confetti's been swept away, it's time to move forward and bask in the fact the Giants managed to pull off such a monumental Super Bowl upset. The last 48 hours have been awash with Giant talk -- about Eli's amazing pass to David Tyree's incredible catch, the Giant defense leaving the back of Tom Brady's jersey on the field every other down, and about the fact that this bunch of upstart underdogs managed to go against the grain and, for the most part, every pundit's opinion over how the Super Bowl would likely play out.

To be honest, I avoided most of the post Super Bowl commentary. We watched it live after the game concluded, still in shock from the game's surprise down-to-the-second conclusion. And it's always nice to see a team you believe in celebrate on Broadway with confetti raining down and thousands of people thronging the streets for a close-up glimpse at champions.

For me, though, I'm just happy they won. All the festivities and the talk and the minute details are in the past -- and while I know a few people who attended the festivities today, I don't feel jealous or that I missed anything. For me, them winning was the celebration, not marking the occasion downtown.

As a caveat, I'm as much of a New York Ranger fan as I am a Giants fan; I'll never really pull for any other team over either of those (nor would I pull for any team but the Yankees or the Knicks, either). That being said, had the Rangers not won the Stanley Cup in 1994 and instead did so this year, I think I'd find a way to get my ass downtown for the parade. It's a matter of longevity; the Rangers, prior to 1994, hadn't the won it all since 1940, and the 54-year-drought was thought to be a curse on par with Boston's "Curse of the Bambino."

The interesting thing about the other night is that I didn't have any alcohol, and yet, when the Giants managed to pull it off, we were still jumping up and down and screaming as if we were massively loaded. So I guess, even if we were completely sober throughout the entire weekend, the Giants winning left us a little punch drunk (if not a lot) and the parade's conclusion, thereafter, leaves us feeling a little hung over and sorry that we'll have to wait until next year to watch them play again.



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