Wednesday, February 20, 2008

File Under: We All Make Mistakes

Okay, a show of hands...who hasn't made the same mistake as this guy?

You're sitting around the house semi-dressed, too lazy to shower or prepare dinner or get up to go to the bathroom; you're watching something interesting, like a mini "Everybody Loves Raymond" marathon, and the next thing you know, you're using your cell-phone to snap pics of Your Little Buddy and His Two Little Friends and sending them out to various, random women (how did he get their phone numbers? Any guy willing to share pictures of his Doc Johnson with a gaggle of random women most likely had a tough time getting phone numbers to begin with...ah, another question for another day).

First, of course this guy's nuttier -- no pun intended -- than a fruitcake. To the second part, no, my cellphone doesn't have a camera (it's a Blackberry, not a court-mandated choice), and, finally, I would never -- ever -- use a camera-phone to shoot pictures of My Little Buddy and distribute them to various, random women.

You know how small most cellphone screens are?

No thaaaaank you.

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