Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ghost In The Machine

Wellums, there's plenty of reason to be curious as to why this space has seemingly shit the bed over the past two or so weeks. Most of same stem from our intent to migrate to a new server, which is a) faster; b) more capable of distributing content, like pics, video and even a planned weekly Pod-cast; and c) more reliable in terms of content and template delivery.

However, the flip-side of that coin is that none of these plans have any relevance if the site doesn't fucking work. Said relevance has not been lost on me, so I apologize for any of you who have been needing a fix of the HoB.

Please note that the bulk of the improvements herein have been transparent -- or at least I had hoped they would be -- and once they have been completed same will insure a better Booginacious experience for us all, or at least I am hopeful of same.

Meanwhile...I'll be addressing Mike Nifong, Michael Vick, Scooter Libby's pardon, Iran, North Korea and the resurgence of the New York Yankees in soon-to-be posted rants.

Until then, please be patient while we improve from the inside out in lieu of the other way around.

Thank you...


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