Monday, July 09, 2007

All I Need is...

So, between Live Earth this past weekend and a jaunt Kaia and I took to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, I suppose heading out in a few to the office isn't exactly awful.

Actually, it is on some level, if only because I had off from Wednesday to today, first, second, we had a blast over the weekend, and third she's now jetting off to San Francisco, all I need is a time machine to return me to the evening of June 21st.

It all started as we planned, with friends in Connecticut, to hit the casino. The choice between Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun is, apparently, an easy one. I'd visited Mohegan Sun awhile back, but this time we -- rather, Kaia -- was going with an agenda: Win a shitload of money...

Well, we ended up doing fine, so no worries there; however, the real agenda was for/with our friend Heidi, who heard that Jack Wagner (former soap/pop star, current beau of Heather Locklear) was going to be performing at Mohegan Sun. Heidi brought a few Jack Wagner 45's and a picture circa 1982 of Jack and his mullet, and when we arrived in the actual casino -- a tad late after enjoying a delicious dinner care of our friend H2T and Heidi, natch -- we could smell the excitement in the air -- either that, or a combination of cigarette and cigar smoke, cheap perfume and desperation.

All in all, we had a great time. We all did well at Mohegan, we all had a blast, and we got to spend the entire day with H2T and Heidi. Earlier that day, we picked up a blue Nissan Altima rental, headed out to CT, arrived in good spirits (thankfully the car's A/C was strong and fully-functional) and we chilled out and enjoyed some relaxation at H2T's.

The Live Earth shows -- the concerts held this past weekend to raise awareness for global warming and the environment -- were, for the most part, incredible. Some of the bands playing around the sites aren't bands in which I'm interested, but I was more than satisfied seeing Dave Matthews, the Foo Fighters, The Police, and, yes, even Madonna. Last night we watched some of the concerts I recorded in High Definition and were absolutely blown away by the entire audio/visual experience.

All in all, it was an incredible weekend that ended far too quickly.

In retrospect, vis-a-vis the weekend, I can only appreciate the fact that we have great friends, I have cash to deposit in the bank this afternoon, and the weather -- which was relatively obnoxious, if not merely abhorrent -- cooperated and didn't rain very much, if at overall we had a great time gambling with friends, poking around the casino, and, all in all, Kaia and I attempted yet another challenge -- the multi-hour car trip (with me driving, of course) without issues of any kind, even with her PMS on the near horizon.

And this morning she went (back) to SFO. We're still figuring out all the logistics of her moving here so, perhaps, the next time I reveal she has gone to San Fran, it can be for a visit rather than her returning home.

More on that and other fronts later.

On to work...



Heidi said...

The picture was from 1986- not 1982!!! But thanks for being there to witness my 'special moment' with Jack.. :::sigh:::

Boogie said...

We, of course, were and remain more than happy to have witnessed your "special moment."

In fairness, when and if I next develop food poisoning and am experiencing double-barreled action in the bathroom, I hope you return the favor and experience my "special moment" as well ;-)


By the way, since you were on the autographs line and weren't near H2T, Kaia and I right outside the exit, you didn't hear me when Jack finally emerged from backstage and everyone started clapping and I immediately thereafter shouted "Ooooh, look, it's David Spade!"

You know, with the whole Heather Locklear connection...oh nevermind...

Hope you and H2T had as much fun as we did :-)