Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Day After

Normally I wouldn't be brief, but being that this past week has sped by, there's too much to cover. Kaia's in town and we celebrated my birthday quietly yesterday. First we went to brunch with my sister, then since my mom had been feeling sick we told them to skip coming into NYC for dinner and rescheduled for during the week, and then chilled out for the rest of the day. We did some walking around and got some stuff for Kaia's back, which was bothering her, and we ended up basically just spending a nice quiet Saturday together.

I got some goodies for my birthday but I won't enumerate -- suffice to say that as nice as the goodies are, the real birthday present was spending it with my other half. I'm fighting a cold so I am kicking back and relaxing, but all I really wanted -- and got -- was to spend time with her, so I'm very much a happy camper.

Thank you to everyone who sent cards -- paper, electronic, etc. -- and for thinking of me. 'Twas and is very much appreciated :)

It's nice knowing there are so many good people out there who care about me -- that, most of all, made this a great birthday, and I again want to thank each of you and let each of you know how much I appreciate you.

Oh, and happy fargin' St. Patrick's Day ;-)



Veg said...

happy birthday, ya old cocksocker...

Roberta said...

Darnit! I even had it written down and I forgot!

Happy Birthday Boogs! :)

Looking forward to seeing you next week (you know, I'm making the trek in from GREENLAND! LOL)

Boogie said...

Thanks, Veg...or should I call you Pleasure-Throat ;)

Trouble said...

Happy Belated, Be-boogie!

I'll see you and Pleasure Throat at the official whoop-dee-do, I hope.

Speedy recovery from that cold, sir, and tell the darling Kaia that NYC is very hard on ladies' spines indeed. Suffering from the same problem and have found shoe inserts to be like a dream come true. Imagine! Something so mundane, that I now cherish and hoard.

Feel better, Miss Kaia! You too, Boogs!

Boogie said...

Berta, Trouble et al:

If I haven't said it elsewhere, thank you again to you both for the shout-outs, the good b-day wishes and (in advance) schlepping into NYC for the upcoming shindig. If it wasn't going to be a big heaping, steaming pile o' fun, I would tell you both to do something better, but 'aving you both there will make it that much more fun and I thank you both :)