Monday, July 31, 2006

Bon Voyage, Mel!

Enjoy rehab...say hello to Pat O'Brien and Bette Ford.

And while you're at it, see if you can organize a quiet but intimate get-together for the other pro-Aryan anti-semites in the Halfway House. I'll have some Manischevitz in your honor, dude.

Fucking Jackass.


Kaia said...

I'm sure he's going to "Promises" - it's much more fabulous than Bette Ford - and it's in Malibu - and given that he "OWNS" Malibu - i'm sure they'll give him a slight discount.

Personally, it's for show. I doubt he's going because of what happened - it's called damage control - he looks contrite and ashamed of his actions - the general public feels like he's making an attempt to 'get better' and our darling Mel wins back their sympathy and continues to make crappy movies.

I love LA.

Boogie said...

Well, wherever he's going, even if it helps him get his alcohol problem under control, the anti-Jew stance is what sealed it for me. People do dumb things, and whether or not he's making $25 million a movie or $7.50 an hour, he's human and is entitled to a lapse in judgement vis-a-vis the drunk driving. Yes, driving drunk is a bad thing, but he likely won't be doing that again.

The problem is that even if he's sober, he's still going to be an anti-semitic piece of shit and whenever he comes back -- if/when -- I'll still remember that he is an anti-Semite whether he's sober, behind the wheel or behind a camera. The guy's an asshole, and from this point forward, my opinion of him is the same as the dumb-ass who makes $7.50 an hour and blames Jews for the ills of the world.

I'm just glad that he's a celebrity and that he has shown how much of a moron he really is; people tend to cut celebs a lot of slack. If I knew this turd in my personal life, I would never speak to him again. I hope people he knows and people who know him treat him accordingly.

Fucking Jackass.

glo said...

Who says it better than Boogala !!!

LisaBinDaCity said...

OY ;-)

And did you also see that Mel made a PSA, (public service announcement) for the Sheriff's department prior to all this? Methinks the "white washing" of the sheriff's report came from pretty high up...

I'm also not sure his stint in rehab is going to restore his image. Even the Hollywood trade papers are questioning his future. I think a lot of people believe he crossed a permanent line.

It will interesting to see.

LisaBinDaCity said...

"it will BE interesting to see"

OY again!

Boogie said...

G-B: Thanks ;) Apparently, tho, Mel himself says it lots better than me...I just observe, he's the one who deserves all the credit ;)

And while I hope he did cross a permanent line, Lisa, I think most moviemakers, aside from mebbe Spielbert and a few others, will forget about this to some degree within five or so years. The key is how the public treats it; his next movie is about ancient Mayan civilization, which should tank even without this weekend. After that, it will be interesting if studios are willing to gamble on him, and even more interesting to see if the public will accept a bigoted, ego-centric alkie onscreen or behind the camera.

I wouldn't want to work with him, and I'll never buy a ticket to another of his movies. But my opinion might differ from many others -- guess we'll see.

By the way, incidentally, that PSA he recorded involving him doing so in a police uniform; that's sort of like having Michael Irvin or Robert Downey Jr. doing a PSA as a drug counsellor.