Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Dark into The Light

Somewhere awhile back, I remember seeing a James Bond film -- I think it was "For Your Eyes Only" -- and a key sequence in that film was when Roger Moore, an aging but expertly-coiffed Bond, confronts the bad guy in some tunnel, the bad guy's car goes to the edge of a cliff, and then, as the car begins sliding off the cliff, Bond gives it one swift, final kick to send it into the abyss below.

I'm getting closer to providing that swift, hard kick.

It's been another ridiculously pressurized week; I'm handling work up to my eyeballs, I've got all sorts of clients calling me to address their January 1st tax bills, and I've got some end-of-year things to handle as well.

On the plus side, Kaia's in town until the middle of January, and we relocated to the W in midtown for a few days (until New Year's Day). This particular morning is a sort-of epiphany in a few ways; aside from the fact we woke up and saw snow flurries, which despite the fact it's winter still struck us as a bit weird, and there are so many other things which we need to handle and/or address together it almost feels like a work day. Plus there's the obligatory stopping by my place to get clothes and some other stuff together, and on top of that, there's a staggered blocking off of traffic, courtesy the NYPD, which will affect us and the people with whom we're celebrating tonight. It's a bit messy, but overall we'll all get to where we need to be; it's just a little more aggravation than we hoped for.

There are other things happening in the background as well as the foreground: my mother's getting a lot better as is my grandmother; Kaia and I are contemplating when we're going to be moving into an apartment together; and the clock ticking towards 2006 continues even louder.

Personally, I am sort of apathetic over celebrating the new year's arrival; I'm just happy that Kaia and I will do so together. Last year was the first time in a long time I wasn't forced into some miserable farce for New Year's, and it was an improvement; but although Kaia and I had been together for a few months by that point, she was on the West Coast and I was on the East Coast, so it didn't really count. So this year, tonight, marks something special, important and the promise of a good future for us both as individuals and together.

I really don't have any prophetic or important words to add here beyond what I've already included, suffice to say that I hope you and your family and your friends have a safe, happy, healthy new year and I hope that your celebration is as memorable and rewarding as the coming year is prosperous, safe and good. I'm personally not so focused on the former, but with regard to my family and those I hold dearly, I am praying for the latter.

Happy new year.


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Belle said...

HAPPY 2006 Boogs and Kaia! I hope y'all had a wonderful time last night and are enjoying the new year thus far! Mwahs to you both!