Thursday, November 24, 2005

Not Just Another Thursday

There's an episode of The Simpsons from the show's second season called "One Fish, Two Fish, Bluefish" -- I don't normally watch The Simpsons but this one particular episode resonates with me. The short, summarized version is as follows: Lisa, the older daughter, is tired of the monotony and boredom of suburbia life so she requests that the family skip Pork Chop Night and instead venture to the new sushi restaurant in town. They go, much to Homer's apprehension, but it turns out Homer loves it and tries every dish the place offers. Finally he tries "Fugu," which is blowfish. Blowfish, if not prepared properly, is fatally poisonous, and because the head sushi chef at the local restaurant is busy getting busy with his girlfriend out back behind the restaurant, the young apprentice chef screws up and believes he has poisoned Homer.

Since he's got 24 hours to live, the balance of the episode shows Homer making a list of those things that are most important to him, and he tries getting everything on his list done before he dies. His last action to this end is to sit and review the bible (via Books on Tape) and he falls asleep in his recliner. The next morning, Marge finds him and believes he's gone, but it turns out the drool on his lips is warm and he is alive to everyone's glee. As the credits roll, the viewer seea Homer on a couch, chomping a bag of potato chips and swilling a Duff's beer. The message, clearly, is that we shouldn't wait until the end -- or the prospect thereof -- of our lives to do whatever it is that makes us happy. Whether it's sucking down cheap beer and potato chips on a couch, spending time (being 'intamit') with a significant other, or spending time with family, friends and loved ones, there's no better time than today to enjoy life than right now.

I'm writing this at my parents' house in NJ, snugly secure on a couch near a fireplace with lots of activity happening nearby. As much as I like doing nothing and putzing around my own place in my own space, there's something to be said for being with those people you love and for whom you're thankful.

Hope you all have a happy, safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!


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Leave It To Cleavage said...

I hope that you had a very Happy Thanksgiving. I know that you have lots to be thankful for this year. I spent the week with my family in NH and tried to soak up as much time with them as possible.

Your post really hits home as every so often I think of that exactly, don't wait until it's too late to tell people you love them or to do the things that you enjoy. My mom never ever told me she loved me (I know she does), so when I moved to CT I made it my perogative to tell her and all the rest of my family members that I loved them before I hung up the phone, at first it was work and now it just flows. In fact, if I forget to say it, my mom does.