Sunday, August 14, 2005

So This Is How It's Gonna Be...

I don't quite remember a summer hotter than this one.

Now while I'm not collecting my AARP benefits just yet, it seems to me that the eco-freaks clamoring for protection of trees, the ozone and landfills weren't so far off. It's 108 degrees on the field at Yankee Stadium and it feels about that hot here uptown as well. I'd guess the humidity is at full blast as well, and while all the technical aspects of meteorology are well beyond my limitations, all I know is it's incredibly hot and disgusting outside.

What that means, essentially, is that all the plans I had are now in limbo. Aside from my disinterest in being outdoors, none of the people I was hoping to see today are willing to go anywhere but the beach, and now that's after 2, whoever intended to hit the beach is already there, and whoever woke up late is stuck enjoying the benefits of A/C.

Since I am among the latter, I am finding new projects to distract me from the regular work and weekend relaxation. For example, I noticed that the A/C usually keeps my apartment at a nippy 68.9 degrees. I have it set that way since my other half was in town; today, however, the apartment is at 72. I'm not exactly sure how the three interior degrees translate vis-a-vis humidity, heat and what's happening outside, but all I know is I thought it was hot this past week; today is dreadful.

At this point, I'm going to go prep some cold stuff -- salad, fruit, etc. -- and hang out near the A/C. While I hate wasting the day inside, it's either that or hit a movie theater, and historically, movie theaters in the summer fill up with people looking to do the same thing we are -- avoid spending the entire day in a comfortable, air-conditioned apartment. I'd normally want to get out, but with the brief excursion I took to the store for Diet Coke, bottled water and some fruit, I'm more than satisfied working, relaxing, reading, watching the Yankees sweep the Rangers and firing up a DVD or two. I'm not sure if these are the dog days of summer, but I'm more than happy avoiding the outside temp in any way possible, so I'll be sure and keep busy.

Hope where you are is palatable; if not, come on by -- and bring some ice.

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LisaBinDaCity said...

It's so freaking hot and humid - enough already!!!

Thank heavens for air conditioning, (my new mantra this summer.)