Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Flights of Fancy

The last couple days, between running around taking care of errands and getting last-minute items, have been more than typically crazy. Tomorrow I am heading out to San Fran to visit my other half, meet her parents and her family, and hang out with some of her friends. In between visits, meets-and-greets and cocktails, we'll try to hit a few museums, do a little shopping, spend some alone time in bed, and perhaps even get a chance to sleep some.

I've been meaning to visit her for longer than I can remember. My father's illness -- which appeared a year ago this past August 13th/16th -- is, for the most part, in the past tense. My father will be on my mind as I board the flight tomorrow and head West. He's been well -- ostensibly 100% -- for quite some time now, as evidenced by my infrequent mentionings and concerns about his health. But it's always in the back of my mind, and his being sick, as well as the other aspects of my life that were affected in the interim, have been significant obstacles to my planned visit West.

Now that that obstacle is no longer present, I am getting all ready: packed, organized, prepared, and thinking ahead -- for what promises to be a great, exciting, wonderful week. First of all, I can barely remember my last "real" vacation -- it's been at least several years since I was out of town for any length of time. And while I love NYC -- it's as much a part of my psyche and my being as anything could be -- I dig traveling. I've been to Europe, Mexico and to a variety of other countries -- Canadia, of course, is also on that list but it's not quite worth a mention -- so it's not me being lazy or agoraphobic. It's more that there's always been salient reasons not to go anywhere else -- too much work, too little time, etc. But now that there's someone worth me traveling to -- and the something that we have being so worthwhile -- I can't believe it's taken me this long to actually get out there.

On top of the usual stuff -- music, clothes, goodies, etc. -- I'm bringing a variety of equipment along with me. This morning I noticed I have four separate chargers -- one for my iPod, another for my Nikon, another for my Palm and the last for my cell-phone (and the bluetooth headset too). Two books (both by Anthony Bourdain) and a few spare DVD's for the plane/downtime, some workstuff (three on-the-Palm spreadsheets), some goodies for Kaia's nephews (one who is four, another who just turned one), some PC stuff for her parents' computer, and a litany of medicine, toiletries and other odds n' ends.

Either it's me fantasizing and being lazy, or mebbe just avoiding the inevitable packing I'll do tonight, when I briefly considered simply boarding the plane wearing the clothes I am now, carrying only medicine, my cell/Palm/iPod and a Yankee hat.

But that wouldn't be any fun. Eventually we'd wanna go out for dinner, and without pockets, I'd have nowhere to put my money clip or my wallet ;)

And more importantly, eventually we'll have to get out of bed and actually see some of the City, even if it's just from one of her apartment windows :)


I'll be checking back in here over the next week, so expect updates on a semi-regular basis. I'll also be linking to an online photo album I've started, and I will try and fill it up while out West as well. If there's anything you need, send an e-mail to houseNOofSPAMboogie@gmail.com (remove the caps) or be patient.

I'll be back.


glo said...

Canadia (as you put it)....not quite worth the mention? lol Tiz ok, I still luv ya...and still wish you all a fabulous time. Glad to hear 'dad' is doing great. California here you come !!!

Kaia said...

I can't wait to see you!!!

Love you madly - Kaia

LisaBinDaCity said...

Hope you have an amazing time - you deserve it!!!

Hugs to you and K :-)