Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Pray for Death (or A/C)

New York's humidity hits me every time I walk out of my apartment. As my other half says, it's like wearing a nice, warm, wet sweater -- everywhere. It's not just humid, either, it's hot. It's the kind of heat that makes you wonder if you'll make it to where you're going or if you'll suddenly find the nearest fountain and dive in, along with your briefcase, wingtips, tie, etc. It's the kind of heat that inspires deoderant companies to leave the phone in the complaint department off the hook.

I arrived at work after spending more than an hour on the bus. Normally, the bus is a pleasant, 45-minute jaunt replete with some downtime, some good music (including noise-cancelling headphones), a quick run-through of the day's schedule and to-do list (thanks, Palm) and some reflection.

Unfortunately, today wasn't that type of bus-ride.

Today was an exercise in seeing how many New Yorkers could simultaneously squeeze into clothing (including spandex) that didn't quite fit and stink. Apparently, 37 isn't a city record, but lord, it should be.

I did manage to review my to-do list and my schedule, so I was well-prepared for the day at hand. Except four voice-mail messages managed to fuck up any hope I had of sticking to the to-do list and concentrate on what I had planned to accomplish today. I did get a lot of it done, but not nearly in the manner in which I'd hoped.

Since I did wrap everything up, I'm sliding onto my couch tonight and enjoying the Yankees vs. Texas. Last night, for the first time this season, the Yankees finally made it into first place; of course, Kaia's father and I expressed our mutual shock and happiness over this particular fact. But we've got lots more to discuss: and since he's as far from a George W. Bush fan, odds are we'll focus on quality discussion topics, like why would anyone pay money to watch Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo? And more importantly, why would any studio willingly produce such a shitty film? Another excellent topic of discussion will be why is Pauly Shore willingly still in the public eye? Certainly, there will be others as well: Kaia's impending move to New York, our plans for the future, whether Bernie Williams will play next season (and if so, with which team) and what is Christopher Walken's best film.

But we'll definitely start with Deuce Bigelow...why, lord, why?

Time to go take a cold shower and watch the Yankees.

My final thought of the day: thank god the World Series of Poker isn't on every cable channel.


LisaBinDaCity said...

I know what you mean. I got on the subway yesterday for a LONG ride and I think everyone's deoderant had failed them! It was soooo pleasant.

Kaia said...

When i was driving over the golden gate bridge last night - all the fog was rolling in - i check the temp gauge and it showed 55 degrees. Almost turned the heat on... ;)