Thursday, July 07, 2005

Entropy & Geopolitique

At first glance, this morning's news from London that several near-simultaneous explosions there were a possible coincidence or some sort of electrical- or systems-based problem and not an intentional, coordinated attack made a bit of sense.

In my world, first glance means about ten seconds.

If recent history -- the immense, all-encompassing blackout that darkened the eastern seaboard of the US two summers ago, the Hamas tactic of implementing staggered explosions in busy, rush-hour thoroughfares amid clusters of women and children, the grouped hijackings that commenced on September 11th -- teaches us anything, it's that there are no coincidences and that this morning's disturbance in London was a direct result of yesterday's awarding of the Olympics to that City.

There are cycles in history, whether it be the cessation or restoration of interfaith violence, abuse of one people by another, or the simple degradation and regeneration of relations between nations and/or movements. But today's explosions in Britan that took -- thankfully -- few lives was not a simple electrical malfunction.

My girlfriend and I were watching the news from Singapore yesterday morning regarding the Olympic vote awarding the games to London over Paris, and while she was disappointed New York didn't win the games, I was silently relieved. Aside from the prospect of increased security -- which would add to this City's hellish, bureacratic zone of snafus and re-routings and maze of problems to navigate -- it occurred to me that the magnifying lens that would be placed by the international community upon New York would be a special treat for anyone (read: Al-Qaeda) who wanted to make a statement.

And as much as I would have enjoyed being a resident of the Olympics' host city, I think the City has played the role of international victim to its logical conclusion. As much as it disappoints me to read of London's news this morning, I can -- selfishly, perhaps -- be relieved I'm reading about it and not experiencing it as I walk out my door and see its remnants and its fallout in my City.

More to come.

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