Friday, April 29, 2005

Quick Update

Today's the last day of the current quarter and next week (therefore) is the start of the new quarter, so I've been running around like a nut trying to handle everything work-wise and get set for next week as well. Aside from the fact it's been beautiful in NYC for the most part, I've been so preoccupied with getting things wrapped up with the City that I've been just going through the motions. However, little things are keeping me sane, or have me, as per usual, questioning others' sanity. For example:

This morning's "QuickVote" at CNN asked: "Do you think arrests or convictions should rule out contestants on American Idol?" Considering CNN is supposed to be (or at least presents itself as) a serious news network, what the hell were they thinking actually asking about something as insignificant and moronic as American Idol? Sorry -- I know some people that enjoy it, and I'm all atitter for them and their enjoyment thereof; I just have no interest in an updated version of The Gong Show, especially in that it a) features Paula Abdul, period; b) features Simon Whatever-His-Name-Is; and c) has sufficient "controversy" to allow its comings and goings to be discussed on CNN. WTF?

I've been continually e-mailing back and forth with my other half's Dad, who is funny, cool and almost as big a Yankee fan as I am. I've already invited him to a game along with my father and I, but since we're lamenting how awful the Yankees look this year -- replete with their first losing record in April, or any month, since 2003 -- none of us are in any hurry to head back to Yankee Stadium just yet. As I told him, once my father's back to 100% then we'll all go watch a game; hopefully that event will coincide with or follow the (ahem) Yankees' 2005 resurgence. What's worse is that Kaia's sister also lives in Marin County and is married to a die-hard (baseball) Giants fan, so I can envision lots of "discussion" about the current state of baseball. They'll suggest the Yankees buy pennants, and I'll suggest that if everyone on the Giants' roster went to Barry Bonds personal steroid supplier, the Giants as a team could, combined, hit 12,000 home runs a season, although no one would know what to call the Giants' stadium because it would continue being renamed on a per-game basis. I'm getting more and more excited about heading out there, especially with a Yankee hat, Yankee DVDs for her Dad and her nephew, and the pamphlet entitled "The History of the San Francisco Giants."

In other news...I've been googling around for a few upcoming concerts in NYC, what with Robert Plant, Audioslave and some other worthwhile artists hitting the City sometime over the next few months, and since we're trying to coordinate my time in SF and Kaia coming here, I'm trying to work it out so I'm in town for concerts I'm considering attending, as is she (assuming she wants to come with) and that I'm out there for some shows as well. I saw something about Cake playing shows somewhat near San Fran (I map-quested it) but I'm not sure if it's actually going to happen because some of their shows haven't yet been announced. So neither of us is really too worried about the timing, and we're just tossing around dates and trying to free up/align our schedules to maximize the summer and our time together. And the Yankees are in Cali. in mid-May, when I'm planning on being out there...coincidence? ;-)

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