Monday, April 04, 2005

Off-Day, Back On The Clock

I could have started off by saying I took yesterday off to mourn the passing of the Pope, but that wouldn't be quite true -- by any stretch. I could have said that seeing the Pope in all his Popeness, lying on that table, freaked me out a bit -- or even more than just a bit -- but that's not true either. In actuality, a friend of mine was in from (way) out of town -- Honduras, to be specific -- and he had an 18-hour layover in NYC so we wound up hangin' until he had to head back to the airport. Since we don't get to hang out much (he spends a load of time traveling all over the place) it worked out well. So last night we made our way over to Monster Sushi on 23rd -- a double-platter of eel, yellowtail, tuna, spicy California rolls, a Christmas roll (huge -- three bites each) and a Dragon roll, not to mention, of course, the requisite chilled sake and some tempura.

The first time the two of us went for sushi was a place in Georgetown (DC) -- we wound up each doing an oil can of Sapporo Dry, had some sushi, each having another oil can of Sapporo Dry, and then we went to see (in the theaters, to give you a sense of timing) Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall. Despite our complete, total and utter inebbriation, we completely understood and figured out the entire movie.

Needless to say, we've each seen said movie several times since (though in far more sober states of mind, respectively). Without speaking for him, I can't figure that damn movie out at all.

So, boys and girls, moral of the story: life is better when you're drunk on beer (no, I didn't get paid by Anheiser-Busch to write that -- but the check is in the mail, if ya know what I mean).

Anyway, back to the present tense -- he's on his way out of town in a few hours so I am going to get a few things squared away downtown for business, then we're going to get some food, he'll head to the airport, and I'm back on the road to the office.

One final note to keep in mind: we watched The Girl Next Door with 'the' Elisha Cuthbert, about a porn star who gives up that world in exchange for being a normal, everyday person. She temporarily moves into the house next door to a college senior recently-accepted to Georgetown University, but he's a total dweeb. She likes him, he likes her, and the only thing standing between them is her former producer, a freak named Kelly. Question is: is the guy who played Kelly the same guy from the HBO series Deadwood? I'm thinkin' yes. Either way, for another typical teen-angst-dork-finds-coolness-and-love-with-a-pornstar, it was entertaining. It didn't hurt that Elisha Cuthbert is so easy on the eyes, but as I told my other half several times, the one negative, for me, about the film was I kept being reminded how far away she lives now and focusing on how great it will be when she's living next door (or, at the very least, nearby).

So for the time being, fiction will have to supplant reality.

Of course, Kaia, my other half, was never a pornstar (at least I haven't been able to verify it was her), so that's always, um, a plus... ;-)

Yet another dose of reality: it's been nearly eight months since she and I have been in eachother's lives and we're still laughing, smiling and each wondering how we got so lucky. So I guess I shouldn't lament the negative but focus on the positive...

Thank you, The Elisha Cuthbert! ;-)

(Yes, I know I'm gonna pay for that)...


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Kaia said...

I miss you too sweetie - and i'll see you in less than 2 weeks :)

Can't wait! Madly, Kaia