Monday, July 06, 2009

The Blast from The Future

As per usual, we had a kickin' weekend. We watched the fireworks, we spent the entire weekend together, we hung out with friends, we painted and prepped pottery, we watched Bride Wars and Role Models (I didn't get a chance to copy the Blu-Ray for Rachel Getting Married onto the drive) and, invariably, we both agree with the reading from a gent in SFO that our plans for the near- and not-so-near future are dead-on. The one thing that I regret is that she and I didn't meet ten or more years ago. Had we met so long ago, we could have been approaching our second decade instead of only five years, and neither of us would have had to put up with the trash -- aggravation and the (in)significant others that we did. Which leads me to wonder whether we appreciate one another because we're a perfect fit, or because we realized that we wasted so much of our time with such shitty people? I think the answer is, in both our cases, irrelevant...once you've wiped shit off your shoe, why bother contemplating it or remain irritated you stepped in it in the first place?

Meanwhile, we had a blast at home -- pardon me if that sounds prurient -- and if you want to get a good idea of how much fun we had alone, together, after dark, in the privacy of our little abode, here's something...interactive... (yes, it's NSFW) ;-)

Enjoy, and happy (belated) 4th ;-)


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