Monday, November 03, 2008

Morning Has Broken...

Despite the onset of winter and another dreary Monday morning intertwined, I can say I am still fairly optimistic...about what, I'm not exactly sure.

This week begins with more work being done in my apartment; the last time I had work performed in my place was to do some work in the closet, which ended up being a good thing. Since the building owner arranged to have my closet broken out and repaired, I've been keeping that space as organized as if I haven't been living here -- which means that it looks like a photograph in one of those closet organization people (California Closets, NYC Closets, etc.). Put another way, everything is organized, arranged properly, and it doesn't look like the entryway or portal to the Netherworld (or to some secret computer lab like in "Real Genius").

Not that there's anything wrong with either of those options, of course.

But relatively speaking, this time they needed to break out the ceiling in my bathroom -- not the entire ceiling, mind you, but just a third of the ceiling above the shower. The tenant above me moved out -- Kaia and I had heard about this a couple months ago when we were looking at apartments in this very building -- but due to timing, it was a non-issue. But apparently they screwed something up with the tub/shower upstairs and everything had to be checked out -- from the bottom. So that's where I come in.

What wound up happening was a couple guys came in and drop-clothed my shower area and banged out part of the ceiling, did what they had to do, taped up the hole, and split. This morning, the second and final half of the process is being done as we speak. I've got access to my notebook so getting work done isn't a problem, but it's sort of aggravating. And for those of you who live in houses as opposed to apartments, you can attest to the fact that this crap -- having to wait on repair people to come by and do work at your abode -- happens whether you pay rent or a mortgage.

In either case, it's frustrating having to sit around and wait for someone else, but as indicated above, it is what it is (my shot at philosophy on an otherwise random Monday morning). The positives are that the Giants routed the Cowboys yesterday afternoon and I got enough work done over the weekend to be in a position to not drive myself crazy over not having access to a file I need. I'm glad some data I need is available online -- thank you, -- but even without that access this AM, I'm just kicking back and not worrying too much about what I can't do and instead focusing on what I've done and what I can do.

I hope this optimism doesn't continue...I'm not used to being so positive, especially on a (feh) Monday.

Ah, that's better...

Happy damn Monday.

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