Thursday, November 02, 2006

Open Mouth, Insert Foot...

So the guy -- who happens to be the President -- is widely regarded as an uneducated moron who can't pronounce the word nuclear. The other guy, a former Democratic candidate for President, the intelligent, moral former veteran who has a Yale education and who was largely regarded as an improvement over the Republican status quo.

One of them makes a stupid, off-hand, derisive comment to college students while on the campaign trail in California, suggesting that "if you don't pursue your education, you'll wind up stuck in Iraq," suggesting that people in today's military are stupid and uneducated.

In case anyone needs John Kerry to campaign for them ahead of the upcoming elections, he'll be at home, waiting by the phone.


LisaBinDaCity said...

Granted it was a stupid and inane comment. But Dubya has two terms worth of those remarks. Daily ;-)

Kaia said...

I completely support our troops - however, Kerry was right on. He simply should not have said it outloud.

Boogie said...

Thing is, Kerry's a good man. On some -- many -- levels, I have more respect for him than I do for Bush. But it says a lot when your party regards you as persona non grata and the opposition wants to see you campaign as much as possible prior to the upcoming elections ;)

As far as Dubya's concerned, the guy's a moron -- but Cheney and Rumsfeld aren't. So while Dubya massacres the English language (the use and the pronunciation thereof) his people -- for better or worse -- are behind the scenes, running the country (into the ground, some might suggest).

But in this day and age of sound-bites and roaring headlines and instant news, Kerry's screw-up -- especially in a hotly-contested election year -- was and will prove to be big. As much as I respect him, I doubt we'll ever see him in any type of political realm other than as a commentator or private speaker for hire.

And as far as whether or not he's right, I think he was telling the truth -- but again, if we've learned anything as a result of watching Ross Perot, Clinton, Dubya and Ronald Reagan, politicians are not expected to tell the truth -- nor is the truth something that people want from them -- they just want reassurance their taxes will be reasonable, the deficit won't skyrocket and gas prices will be within range. Reagan made a killing garnering votes from the working class, and Clinton could tell a room full of women the sky was green and retain his beloved status.

The moral of the story is: don't fuck up and don't tell the truth a week before a big-time election ;)