Friday, October 06, 2006

A Belly-Laugh and A Head-Shake

A friend who shall, at said friend's request, remain nameless, sent me the following link. The link details the story of a Utah couple, Julianna and Perry (I know, lame names), who intended to get married. Apparently, however, Julianna's parents (Lemuel and Julia Redd), who had already tried to dissuade her from going through with the marriage, invited her on a shopping trip the night before the wedding.

Except the trip wasn't a shopping trip but instead their way of kidnapping their daughter so she would miss the pre-wedding dinner with the groom's parents as well as the wedding itself the next day.

Sure enough, she missed the wedding -- but upon returning back to Utah -- she had her parents charged with kidnapping and went through with the wedding anyway.

The story in and of itself is a classic, but the reason why this entertained me so -- those of you who have been among the original faithfuls know from where I'm coming -- is, as I read, I had wished my ex's parents had done the same thing, only with a slight difference; instead of returning "home with their daughter when she promised her parents that she would not call the groom," I wished they would have kidnapped her and driven to South America and stayed there -- permanently.

If nothing else, this story is worth a chuckle -- and shall be the inspiration for every guy who wished his (future) in-laws were even more freakish and psychotic than they actually turned out to be -- even if that didn't seem possible.

And moreover, at least I have now encountered a pre-wedding-related tale even more ridiculous and pathetic than mine, and that, thus far, has been a pretty tall order :)


Leave It To Cleavage said...

I read this story on CNN the other day. There seems to be a rash of parents kidnapping their kids. There was the pregnant girl who's parents were going to force her to have an abortion. This world is a crazy place. That girl got a restraining order against her parents.

P.S. Love the look of your blog. I need to come by more often.

Boogie said...

Madame Cleavage:

I saw the story on CNN and in a few other places, too. As you can confirm, I know first-hand how crazy the world can be ;) and my story wasn't quite as Freaky as was Ms. Redd's -- although it's close :) Thank god, at least, it wasn't MY parents doing the whacky stuff -- kidnapping, etc.

I never had to get a restraining order; I have enough info about the whackos to insure my family and I will never be bothered by them again. But having endured what I did, I can definitely confirm that the world indeed is a crazy, crazy place. Or, at the very least, it's inhabited by some crazy, crazy people.

Thank you for the props on the blog; I'm in the process of moving to my own host with my own domain, but in the meantime, and thereafter, I hope to see more of you -- and perhaps in early November in NYC as well ;)

Thank you again :)