Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Miscellaneous Ramblings, As Per Usual

With two hellish, action-packed work days behind me, I face this Wednesday with the excitement of a wet paper bag filled with shit. I've spent the past couple days counting, recounting and recalculating based on those counts numbers of units in a pair of buildings, getting straight on the status of each of those units, and trying -- in between harried, intense phone calls from my client -- to not lose my mind in the process.

I am not quite sure if I succeeded, but I survived. That there's a plus.

On the other hand, I've got plenty more fire bringing up the rear, and I'm heading back downtown to get some more stuff straightened out with other situations that are not quite as hot as the situation I just handled these past couple days; however, without attention (and lots of it, stat) they'll quickly approach that level of intensity.

During my visit downtown yesterday, I was sitting with my client, filling out some forms; normally I would be prepared, have all the possibly-necessary forms handy and completed, but since the folks at this particular Agency have their heads firmly and fully inserted in their asses, they didn't bother telling us what we needed to know. So I was going through the motions, one by one, page by page; as I contemplated how, with this particular case, it dawned on me that every time I finish one task another three pop up, requiring my immediate attention. I looked at my pen -- a Michael's Fat Boy Silencer II -- and noted all the little holes over the pen's enlarged surface. I showed the pen to my client and told her how it reminded me of a bunch of gopher holes; every time I pop one on the head, another one pops up elsewhere.

Needless to say, I survived yesterday, but these are the types of days that make you wish you were a) independently wealthy; b) a member of the undead, whereas your sole requirement in (sic) life were to eat brains; or c) on some island in the middle of nowhere with Kaia, a good stereo, a never-ending supply of beverages, and some comfy bedding. Beyond that, a fast Net connection and a scalable client PC might also come in handy. That would be all I'd need to be happy.

And as much as I like the new Fatboy, note I didn't include it in my list of needs. And as they say in France, that wasn't no accident.

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