Thursday, April 20, 2006

News, Notes, and Getting Lowdown In The Street

There are myriad things wrong in the world, but reading about Tom Cruise's intention to eat the placenta upon Katie Holmes giving birth was high on the list indeed. I found a series of posts over at the newly-repopulated Bennelli Brothers site. It's about time Captain, Sal, Mo and yes, even Razor, were back in the fold. Dunno what happened to 'em but they're back and better'n ever.

Meanwhile, New York City is getting downright comfy weather-wise. Therefore, it'll be no time at all that we New Yorkers will start complaining about the weather again. "It's too hot," I can hear them whine, as the bus inches through traffic amid heatwaves rising from the nearly-bubbling asphalt streets. And with the heat comes BO...BAD BO...the kind of BO that inspires people to relocate. Ah, spring is in the air.

Speaking of NYC, I am spending an hour a night over in New Jersey, killing mobsters, hijacking trucks, extorting and bullying drivers, and, of course, starting the occasional mob war. Thus far I have cleared Brooklyn and Jersey of all non Corleone influences, except I have not yet put the Straaci family out of business for good. But, within the next 48 hours, I intend to bomb their compound and take it over, so once I do, I'll be halfway home to becoming Don. So be nice ;)

Yes, I'm referring to The Godfather by EA. If you have a few days to yourself and have a decently-powered PC, I highly recommend it. But plan on forfeiting sleep and social engagements for about six weeks after you install it -- it's that addictive. The one saving grace is that I can run around like a maniac and still have philosophically engaging conversations with Kaia, who roots me on and encourages me to shoot everyone, including police officers. With her encouragement, I'm less morally ambivalent about enjoying a game this violent, nasty and repulsive knowing somewhere, somehow, a 12-year-old is doing the same things I am, only quicker, more efficiently and with less moral hesitance than me.

Did I mention it's spring?


Kaia said...

GO baby GO!! I love rooting you on - i think it's fun :) If they had a 5th ave shopping spree game i'd be ALL over that shit!

Love you - K

Captain said...

Hell Yeah Boogie! Thanks for the welcome back...we are a little less active right now but should be picking up this summer. We had some technical computer crashed and still havent fixed it completely (I'm sure I probably have 5000 spam mails on my bennelli account) and we had a little trial with our hoster (one of my buddies in the Air Force) so we optioned our sites to be moved to some servers with 64 bit chips for a test....well lo and behold it screwed up all my php scripts and I was too damn lazy to fix it (at least during Fantasy Football season). I heard that the Godfather game was pretty good...I might have to check it out...been playing Oblivion for a bit at about an hour a night clip. Of course the wife hates those games so I dont have the "support" that kaia gives you. As always though your writing is top notch.


P.S. Any Yankee news down there in Gotham?

P.S.S. Captain Jr #3 is coming pretty soon so i'll be in and out in the next couple weeks.

Boogie said...

Glad to see you guys are back, despite the trials/tribulations/php screw-ups. I know first-hand the toll fantasy football takes, although HookaBurn won it all this season. That last weekend was a bitch though -- I chose Jamie McCown in Arizona over David Carr in Houston; McCown scored over 500 points alone and Carr played the first quarter and scored less than 35.

The Godfather continues to amaze me, and the other night TNT/USA re-ran the first film and I was amazed -- sort of like that "I've been in this room before" ad from -- to see how faithfully the game reproduces not just action sequences but settins and locations from the original film (the scene where Luca Brasi gets killed is almost faithfully, perfectly recreated). Needless to say, I've finished 85% of the game and am lovin' it. And incidentally, if I spent three hours each night killing bad guys as is my wont, Kaia wouldn't be nearly as supportive unless I turned down the volume during American Idol ;) But as per usual, with her, I have no complaints, and as long as you spend time with your other half, tell her I said you're entitled to an hour of Oblivion and midget porn a night :)

I'll let loose on Yankee news when/if it gets good -- thus far it's more about what's hiding under Steinbrenner's turtlenecks and whether The Rocket will ever pitch again. As they say in France, hoofuckingnose...

Thanks for the props and the continued support, and good luck and congratulations on Captain Jr. #3!
I'll fire up an Opus X in your honor!