Monday, October 17, 2005

Knock 'Em Back and Keep 'Em Coming

Sometimes I wonder how many times I can do this before I really screw up.

This past Saturday night, a good friend and I hosted a party of a bunch of our friends we'd mutually found through an Internet chat room. And as I alluded in my last mention of the proposed party, it didn't shock me that there was opposition to how we did it, who we invited, who we didn't invite, and what we were doing.

And I'm glad.

I've found that if you please everyone -- not merely aim to please everyone, but actually make everyone happy -- then you're doing something wrong. If someone complains, then it means that you're doing something that is your own.

And it also reminds me why some of the whiners are in a chatroom in the first place.

In the meantime, we took a shitload of pictures and a good chunk of them can be found at the HoB Photosite (see the link at the top left); we held the soiree at a bar on the Upper East Side of Manhattan called The Saloon. The party was called for 9, but most people started walking through the door after 9:30. By 10:30, the room was jumping and loud, and by 11, the owners of the bar opened the doors to the public so by midnight, the place was full -- think fraternity party full -- and everyone had a blast. Sunday we had brunch with a couple of friends (an NYC resident and a non-NYC resident) and had a kick-back kinda day. I still feel hung over, but it was worth it. The best part is that all the whiners, complainers, finger-pointers and nay-sayers will move onto something else to whine about, complain about, point a finger at, and nay-say. Until our next one...

Take a peek if you are so inclined...if you're too lazy to actually mouse up to the top of the list of links, the pics are at The HoB Photosite...enjoy!



glo said...

I have many a fond memory of Boogie social events and look forward to more (Boogie et al Social Event Planners Inc.) Great pics. Looks like everyone had a terrific time :)

LisaBinDaCity said...

Great party and pics ;-)