Monday, June 27, 2005

Baseball, Hockey, 3,000 Hits and The Truth

When it rains, it pours.

First of all, today was a rainy, crappy day in NYC, so that started things out in a good way. Why good? Because instead of the humidity breaking down the spirit of the entire city population, it was replaced with cooling rain; at times the rain teemed, but the temps dropped as a result and it's actually somewhat comfortable to breathe. So every little bit helps.

Second, the Yankees have re-emerged. They managed to win two consecutive games, neither of which many of their faithful fans, myself included, expected they would win. Yesterday they beat the Mets to salvage one measly victory of an otherwise embarassing three-game set at the Stadium -- and if they had lost last night's game, I fully expected today would have brought a tirade from King George. Instead, he had his spokesman issue a press release suggesting that Mr. Steinbrenner's patience regarding the Yankees' miserable play was wearing thin. About fucking time. I am amazed George has been as patient as he has been; but now things might change. The rest of us have watched the Yankees win a half-dozen in a row and then give away a series of games to lousy, crappy teams (Tampa, Kansas City, et al). So now that George is out of the closet, and the Yankees beat the Mets last night and the AL East-leading Baltimore Orioles this evening, things might very well start looking up.

Then again, I wouldn't bet my shorts they'll win another game this week. Sorry, it's just reality governing my otherwise Yankee-blue-blood.

It gets better, however. The NHL is on its way back to the back burner of American sports. It's been widely (and quietly) speculated that, with the NBA's quick cure of their labor dispute, the NHL was able to work with the NHLPA (NHL Players Association) and, finally, hammer out the essentials in a new collective bargaining agreement. So now that professional hockey's imminent return is a likelihood rather than a long-shot, it was with some glee I watched Jeremy Roenick, a top-tier player for the Philadelphia Flyers, conduct a press conference in which he shared some of his thoughts on the entire labor-dispute process. Much of what he revealed was that the players suffered greatly throughout this process, but part of his shpiel included the fact that the players aren't spoiled. I beg to differ. He then went on to criticize fans for criticizing players for pointing the finger at the players.

Now, as many of the HoB faithful know, I respect others' opinions, despite the fact that, if theirs differs from mine, they are clearly wrong :-) A hint for Mr. Roenick: after pissing away an entire season of a sport for -- essentially -- no good reason, pointing a finger at the fans is far from the smartest move a player can make. In fact, if the baseball labor issues taught us anything, it's that fans are fickle, are increasingly unwilling to cater and cow to prima donna athletes making in one game what many the normal working-class guy makes in a year, and that every action has a definite reaction. So if any of you reading this want to check out the FOXSports video of Mr. Roenick's comments, you can do so here; in either case, it amazes me that he is so foolish as to actually criticize fans after he and his brethren did all they could to destroy a sport that needs all the help it can get, and do so all -- and merely -- for money.

Oh, and one final note: today the HoB reached 3,000 hits since November. It's been a long, hard road, and this Blog has allowed me to chronicle, showcase and to cordone the many highs and lows I've experienced since opening these doors. Since the HoB became reality, I've reclaimed my sanity, nearly lost my father, watched my father and his health return to (almost) normal, and I've made a lot of friends, and found someone with whom I can't live without. It's really amazing how far I've come since the inception of this place; to imply the 180-degree turnaround seems far too cliched and minimizing the reality of what I've experienced. Instead I will say this: as my other half's mom, with whom I talked for a half-hour tonight, said, things like what I've experienced since mid-August make one realize how precious and short life is, and allow each of us to cherish the time and the people with whom we are linked. And while that is most unequivocally true, I not only appreciate who I've got in my life, I am equally appreciative of who I do not. So I again express my gratitude to all those who have contributed to this place and to my survival over the past ten months; I could not -- and did not -- do any of this without your help. And to those people who come here for their own sick, twisted reasons, I pity you for having so little positivity in your lives that you need to come here to somehow realize what it is you're missing therein. For those disturbed, pathetic individuals, several verses from the former band Soundgarden to usher you to the red door and out onto the street:
The day I tried to live
I wallowed in the blood and mud with
All the other pigs
I woke the same as any other day you know
I should have stayed in bed

The day I tried to win
I wallowed in the blood and mud with
All the other pigs
And I learned that I was a liar
Just like you.

For the rest of you, c'mon in and pull up a seat. We're just getting started.

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LisaBinDaCity said...

Congrats on 3000 hits!!! I guess I have been reading your blog for a while now eh :-)

Thanks for sharing your journey and for making me laugh, cry, agree wholeheartedly, shake my head in disbelief :-) and often be moved.

It's been a fun ride my friend! I'm looking forward to the new season of HOB.